AAGG provides a related service focused on professional translation (Romanian-English and English-Romanian), interpretation and necessary corrections of scientific writings. Our expertise is based on a professional background which combines advanced knowledge of English and a scientific training in Earth sciences (BSc in Geography–Environmental Science and MSc in Human Geography, PhD candidate in Environmental Geography), completed by several translations and original writings in English to date.

    Available services:
1.    Translation and adaptation of original scientific articles (Romanian-English, English-Romanian) in fields such as: Environmental Science, Geography (Physical and Human Geography), Geology, Biological sciences and Ecology, Interdisciplinary studies.
2.    Translation and adaptation of other scientific writings (Romanian-English, English-Romanian) - books or book chapters, journal extracts, etc., in the same fields;
3.    Translation and adaptation to the requirements of academic-level English for submission of habilitation theses files in the fields mentioned above;
4.    Corrections and overall vocabulary and grammar improvement of original scientific articles (Romanian-English, English-Romanian) in the same fields;
5.    Translation of other types of texts, when required, according to the neccesities of the client;
6.    Counselling for various types of presentations in English.

    If necessary, we can provide translation services for all kinds of texts pertaining to a variety of fields after discussing with the client.

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